We Are Finding What They Tried To Hide


Living in the Midwest places like California were considered 3 hours behind because of the time zone. The way I properly see it is Cali is 21 hours ahead. We’ve seen a number of trends and innovations come from the West Coast, so one day I wondered what would Cali culture bring to the table on a conscious level being 21 hours ahead? Then I slowly got my wish that continually unfolds everyday from social media personalities, to several Youtube channels, and budding websites! One movement that I really like is the discovery of the 432hz vs 440hz frequency! 432hz is a natural frequency that creates order and togetherness versus 440hz causing chaos and separation. But yet most our daily frequencies are set at 440hz from music, to television, and most likely places like urban night clubs where fights and violence occur almost indefinitely. Lets make a mass exodus back into NATURE, natural frequency, natural hair, pure water, etc… So salute to my Cali brothers from another mother like Kerry Davis and crew, my original eye opener and redirector representing the African Americans Aint African community and the Ghetto Truth Magazine blog talk radio. I also like to highlight DropNation, they’re currently in Utah acquiring land dubbed “Choose Up Village” where they’re encouraging The Copper Colored Races found here to return too and replenish. They have a website full of pdfs, they have a service where they are retuning music from 440hz into its natural form of 432hz, and the main approach is repeatable and provable science. Talk about hidden secrets that hide a very important part of a entire peoples identity and true culture! I know rabbit holes are meant to be deep but how deeper does it make the hole that is deliberately omitted, hidden and covered up?

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